pride [prīd]
[ME < OE pryte < prut, PROUD]
a) an unduly high opinion of oneself; exaggerated self-esteem; conceit
b) haughty behavior resulting from this; arrogance
2. proper respect for oneself; sense of one's own dignity or worth; self-respect
3. delight or satisfaction in one's own or another's achievements, in associations, etc.
4. a person or thing in which pride is taken
5. the best of a class, group, society, etc.; pick; flower
6. the best part; prime [in the pride of manhood]
7. mettle (in a horse)
a) a group or family (of lions)
b) Informal any impressive group
9. Archaic
a) magnificence; splendor
b) ornament
10. Obs. sexual desire
prided, priding
Rare to make proud
to make proud
pride oneself on
to be proud of
SYN.- PRIDE refers either to a justified or excessive belief in one's own worth, merit, superiority, etc. [she takes pride in her accuracy ]; CONCEIT always implies an exaggerated opinion of oneself, one's achievements, etc. [blinded by her overweening conceit]; VANITY suggests an excessive desire to be admired by others for one's achievements, appearance, etc. [his vanity is wounded by criticism ]; VAINGLORY implies extreme conceit as manifested by boasting, swaggering, arrogance, etc. [the vainglory of a conquering general ]; SELF-ESTEEM implies a high opinion of oneself, often higher than is held by others

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